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CubeSat Aircraft Radar/Flight Model (piADS-B)

CubeSat Aircraft Radar

All-in-One CubeSat ADS-B System!


Product Summary

  • World's First Standalone CubeSat ADS-B Receiver
  • Electronics integrated into Single Wall including Antenna
  • SkyFox Labs™ Optimized High Gain (RHCP) Patch included
  • Realtime Aircraft Surveillance for Space Stations
  • Big Data Aircraft Search & Rescue from Space
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) for Aircraft tracking
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Receiver
  • 112bit Extended, 56bit Squitters on Demand, 1090ES
  • Civil Downlink Format 17 (DF17)
  • Ultra Low Power requirement (150 mW @ 3.3V)
  • Up to 2300 km Slant Range, Highly Sensitive
  • Intended to LEO up to h = 600 km 
  • Squitter Filters, CRC calculation
  • CubeSat envelope Compatible
  • UART, 115200bps - 1Mbit
  • Plug-n-Play Pico-Lock™ Interfacing Connector
  • 3 wire to connect (+3.3V , Data, GND)
  • Low mass (110 grams)


  • Dual Use Goods: YES
  • ITAR-Free: YES
  • HS Code: 8526.10
  • Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic