Made in Czech Republic, a country with space heritage since 1978.

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DID you know?

  • More than 50 % of all CubeSats launched to space failed or didn’t respond.

  • Over 20 % of all CubeSats have underestimated link and power budgets.

  • MOSFET-based electronics is the typical cause of a mission loss.

  • Average Radiation Exposure inside ISS is 150 mSv or 15 rad(Si) / year.

  • Li-Ion Battery Cells capacity at 0°C/32°F and less drops down to 1%?

  • Terrestrial ADS-B range is close to 360 km. Why? Earth is Round!

  • By LHCP x RHCP mismatch you lose more than 20 dB of signal. Use LINEAR in Space, CIRCULAR on Ground!