CubeSat Geiger Counter/Flight Model (piDOSE-DCD/FM)

CubeSat Geiger Counter


Solid-State Radiation Monitor!



piDOSE Unit VIDEO Here (Digitally Processed Output)

piDOSE Unit VIDEO Here (Analog Comparator Output)

piDOSE Unit VIDEO Here (ALARM Signal Output)

piDOSE Unit VIDEO Here (Fast Doserate captured using Ukrainian BELLA Personal Dosimeter)


Product Summary

  • Digital CubeSat Dosimeter / Geiger Counter Sensor
  • Space Weather Alarm (SWA) – triggered over 40 uSv/h
  • Trigger set to 2x ISS Average Dose Rate
  • TRL-9 ("Flight proven")
  • Immediate Alarm (within 1 second only!), No slow RadFET used!
  • UART Data Output
  • Measurement Range 0.01 to 9000 uSv/h
  • Power Consumption 70 mW @ 5V
  • Operating range 0.1 – 10 MeV
  • Data Output in miliSieverts per hour (mSv/h)
  • Power Supply Input 2.7 to 5.5 V (full bandwidth in whole range)
  • Ultra Low Dimensions 53x32x(+14, -1) mm
  • Low Mass 32 grams including four M2x8 mounting screws


  • Dual Use Goods: YES
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic

CubeSat Geiger Counter (Evaluation Kit)

CubeSat Geiger Counter


Product Summary

  • piDOSE-DCD Evaluation Board with indicating LEDs
  • Test pins ready for Scope Probe hooks
  • Current Sensing and Voltage readout pins
  • Header for the external USB-to-TTL serial cable connector (USB-to-Serial FTDI cable included)
  • Integrated Buzzer for audio signalling
  • Reset Switch
  • 2x5 Female Header connector for the piDOSE-DCD included
  • 1x10 pin Extension Header
  • Powered and operated directly from CubeSat Bus or USB port i.e. from portable PC


  • Export Controlled: NO
  • HS Code: 8473.3020
  • Lead Time: 5-6 Weeks
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic