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piCAM/FM (Flight Model)


Space-Friendly™ Digital CubeSat Camera

Do you plan to fly a satellite to space? Take the Digital CubeSat Camera with you! To capture images of the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus..., two docking satellites, orientation towards the local horizon, deployable antennas or a solar sail... or anything else you want to see downloaded on the screen of your Groundstation soon!

For the first time in the New Space history you can also use the external LED Flashlight control signal to illuminate the deployment process in dark periods of orbit. Save time with coding, the module utilize UART interface and easy-to-parse JPEG format with ASCII lines terminated with CR+LF. And... you need only 3.3V bus to power it!

Pick up lenses fitting the needs of your project from the Narrow Field-of-View down to the wide Fish Eye sight! There are 6 different FoV optics options you can freely choose from.

Part Number: piCAM/FM (Flight Model)