About us

SkyFox Labs™ is a manufacturer of the World's First Space-Friendly™ components for CubeSats and Small Satellites you cannot find anywhere else.

We are composed of space enthusiasts, electrical and mechanical engineers and radio amateurs. Our experienced team, fascinated by the Space Research and Aerospace Engineering proudly presents the Best Skills, Experiences and Knowledge to You, Your Projects and Your Way to Space.

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We are proud to touch and be a part of the Small Satellite Community, practically established in 2003 by the first CubeSats ever in Space. Here, the thanksgiving has to take place to US professors and students made this dream come true. Among them, Dr. Wernher von Braun and S.P. Korolev will be our role-models for ages. You all inspired us, you all showed us all the right and bad ways of development, human interaction and tools of the conquest of space.

Our Company is here to provide You with the portfolio of Products making Your Way to Space Easier, Safer, Faster. We spent a lot of time studying the electrical components malfunctions, systems behavior in harsh environments, space radiation, mission failures and mapped typical project development mistakes.

Considering the state-of-the-art, we know the space electronics should not be built as terrestrial commercial systems. Maybe this makes over 50% of all small satellite missions unsuccessful. Many missions were, are and will be a big success. We are here to contribute!