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What does the Space-Friendly™ means?

This term means products considered to work under special conditions. Nobody will ensure you the reliability and functionality for 100 % of mission lifetime. However, we can ensure you; we did the best and put it inside to make the Space-Friendly™ Hardware Safer than others taking into account outer effects of space environment with commercial components in common. Our hardware is not based on extremely expensive Radiation Hardened components as well as all other vendors, however stands out for its careful critical design considerations and radiation effects on electrical components knowledge.

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How can I order the product?

You can simply use the company e-mail.

How to order

We also prepared the Wish List, a website applet, you can fill in what you consider to buy, check online for yourself the expected price, including packaging and shipping. If you consider knowing more, attach the generated PDF to the e-mail and send it to us to

What about lead time?

The typical lead time varies between 6-8 weeks and depends mainly on stock availability of components, additional manufacturing (i.e. mechanical parts) and screening test results. However, during the whole process we are in touch with you, providing information about current status via e-mail.

Are you compatible with CubeSat standards/other products?

Yes, we are compatible with the CubeSat Design Specification (CDS) rev. 13. However, some of our products are unique and have dedicated electrical and mechanical interface to the upper-level system. 

What is the “Dual Use Goods”? When I need the Export Control License? How long it takes and how much does it cost and why?

Considered as the "Dual Use Goods". This strict term means the device was primarily designed for commercial customers, but may be misused for military or terroristic purposes and needs to have the Export License anytime when transported outside the EU member states (takes approx 30 days in our local Export Control Bureau). This is important when you send your hardware outside your country, i.e. to the Launch Site. We dispose of procedural know-how to obtain this license and are here to help you. As the first step, check with your government websites whether your country undergoes some control regime. For example, the full Flight Model of our GPS receiver (not the Engineering and Balloon model), due to the functional parameters, undergoes the Missile Technology Control Regime regulation, here in Czech Republic.

1) Are you EU Customer? You will need to obtain the Export License at your National regulator, before exporting the HW/SW to the launch site.

2) Are you Non-EU Customer? We will manage the Export License here in the Czech Republic during customs.

To obtain the export license is usually in order of several tens of USD/EUR and is usually covered by us. However please take into account the assessing period of 30-60 days in case of Missile Technology Control Regime regulation. We will ask you to send us the hand-signed and ink-stamped paper original of the End User Statement via classical postal mail service. For more details please use email.


No licenses needed to: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland (including Liechtenstein) and the United States


Contact us from Monday till Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM CET for more information, use e-mail or call us directly.


Thank you to help us fulfilling the European Law!

Which payment method do you accept?

The consignment method of payment, on delivery, based on invoice, via Bank Account Wire Transfer is accepted as an act of mutual trust between our customers and products, when you decide for purchasing. There is no advance payment requested before delivery, unless otherwise noted in the Quotation Form.

Do you offer evaluation or cooling-off period of your products?

The 14 days cooling-off period beginning by the date of product delivery is provided for evaluation of our products at your premises in most cases. However in case you decide to return it back to us, you are obliged to cover the shipping-back expenses. Please read our Terms and Conditions document in the Contacts.

Which shipping method do you provide?

It is based on mutual agreement, dialogue and best decision of both sides. We are obliged to deliver the goods to you in perfect condition. This means we use shipping method secured by insurance. FedExDHL are preffered. Do not hesitate to express your requirement and we will do the best to find the conclusion. Shipping is just a very little part of your project.

Can I/we contact you in case of troubles?

Of course! We are here for you! Use e-mail or call us. From Monday till Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM CET

If you have any other questions, please let us know.