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What does the Space-Friendly™ means?

This term means products considered to Work under Special Conditions of Space. Nobody will ensure you the reliability and functionality for 100 % of mission lifetime. However, we can ensure you; we did the best and put it inside to make the Space-Friendly™ Hardware Safer than others.

We took into account effects of space environment on commercial components, materials or even manufacturing processes - our hardware is not based on extremely expensive Radiation Hardened parts. It is based on careful critical design considerations and a lot of Man-Years of engineering know-how.

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How can I order the product?

Anytime you need, contact us via e-mail. Follow the process below:

We prepared the Wish List, a website applet. Fill in what you wish to buy & check the ROM price online in a minute!

Want to know more details? Attach the generated PDF to the e-mail We will be back to You shortly.

What about lead time?

The typical lead time varies between 4-8 weeks and depends mainly on stock availability of components, additional manufacturing (mainly mechanical parts) and screening test results. However, during the whole process we are in touch with you, providing information about current status via e-mail.

Are you compatible with CubeSat standards/other products?

Yes, we are compatible with the CubeSat Design Specification (CDS) rev. 13. However, some of our products are unique and have dedicated electrical and mechanical interface to the upper-level system.

We use PQ60 Standard in our PocketQube portfolio. Check the standard here


SkyFox Labs pqNAV-L1/FM was the First PocketQube Flight Model hardware based on PQ60 standard ever flown to Space.

What is the “Dual Use Goods”? When I need the Export Control License? How long it takes and how much does it cost and why?

"Dual Use Goods". This strict term means the device was primarily designed for commercial customers, but may be misused for military or terroristic purposes. For international shipping, it needs to have the Export License anytime when transported outside the EU member states (takes approx 30 days in our local Export Control Bureau). Majority of our products are export-controlled, but "ITAR-Free".