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Datasheet and Accessories (PDF) Want to know more?
Download the MicroSat GPS Antenna Datasheet
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MicroSat GPS Antenna/Flight Model (piPATCH-MAX/FM)

MicroSat GPS Antenna


Active Patch Antenna for Bigger Missions!



Product Summary

  • Industry's First GPS + GLONASS Space-grade Antenna
  • GPS L1 Only version +2dB more sensitive
  • Dual Band GPS + GLONASS on Request
  • Ultra Low Profile 74x74x13 mm only!
  • 50+ dBc-Hz SNR on ground for close-Zenith Satellites!
  • PEEK Cover, 6061-T6 Baseplate
  • Double ESD/Arcing Protection
  • Female SMA straight RF Connector
  • 4x M4 Mounting Screws, Only 89 grams
  • 2.7-5.5 V @ 20 mA
  • SAW Filter, EMI shielding
  • Powered via RF Coax


  • Dual Use Goods: YES
  • HS Code: 8529.10.69
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic